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I'm blind it took me 2 years to learn how to use my devices independently. I love gaming but often there's not any or many accessible games I can find and play. I was just wondering since it doesn't say anywhere if there's  accessibility options on the game after you download it? 100% OK if there's not but I just wanted to ask before downloading. Even if it's not accessible I'll look for a let's play of it on YouTube so I can experience it that way as well. The game sounds amazing and I definitely do want to play or experience it in some way. Please reply when you can. Thank You!


Hi! Thank you for your interest in this game and for your comment. Accessibility is important to me and I am in the process of learning how to make my games accessible. I have a few games published that are more accessible and am working on expanding that to all of my projects. I will take a look later today at making this game as accessible as best as I can. I will reply again when I have the document ready. 

Thanks again!


Hi! I made a friendlier pdf version. I hope this helps and is compatible with your devices. If it is not, let me know; I am still learning and more than happy to incorporate what is needed if I have the capabilities to do so.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you keeping  accessibility in mind as most people don't even consider it. I'll definitely let you know if I have any issues. I look forward to checking  out this game as well as some of your other accessible games too!


Hi! Thanks for the reply and for oconsidering playing my games. Yes, please let me know how it goes if you try them out! 

 I promise I definitely will!

Wait, I'm not the only one who wrote a gender-exploration  one-page second-guess-system solo-ttrpg ?
Dammit, other people have good ideas too XD

(actually we had different takes on the subject, it's so cool ! I like what you did !)

And I know realise that you are the author of an other Solo TTRPG I like, grounding with tea.

You, my friend, have very good taste in games

Omg! Thank you so much for checking out the game and for your kind comment! Grounding With Tea was a labor of love and healing amd appreciate you liked it. The indulgence game is similar to Grounding, so it might be helpful. 

I see you also have great resources for safe playing. I will have to take a read!

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I meant I had previously played, enjoyed and rated _grounding with tea_, and I had no idea I just stumbled upon you again. But I like random encounters of this kind, I wish I had more of them.

At this point, aren't we legally required to collaborate in a game or something? XD

I was looking at the books and I think I saw a line there about that and was going to ask you the same thing ;) Seems that all signs point to yes. Let's chat about it! 

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Let's port this discussion to discord or maybe twitter?
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Thank you so much for your comment! And yes, I guess great minds think alike 😁 

I will take a look at your take on the system and topic. 

Absolute genius energy making a journaling game like this tbh - very cool.

Thank you so much for your feedback and for checking out my game! Cheers!


I finished my first runthrough of the game, and I really enjoyed exploring it as someone who is nonbinary but not the traditional they/them or androgynous expressions. I learned a few things about myself while journaling and understood a bit more about how my gender expresses. Thank you, very nice game.


Hello! Thank for giving this a go and letting me know how it went! I am so glad that you found this game to be helpful in your journey and learning more about your experience.

I started journaling after I began my social transition to help me process all the stuff that was going on in my head and in my life. It’s been extremely helpful for me, both as an individual as well as a writer. 

However, my journals are not exhaustive and only really cover the low depths and the high peaks. This game prompted me to reflect on the more mundane things as well, or on some things that I had found too painful or awkward to think about in detail. Thank you for making this! 💜

I hope plenty of people give it a go! Oh, and a tip for anyone who doesn’t have access to specialist dice: you can use an online random number generator just as well. 


Hi! It means a lot to me that others would find this game impactful. I used to journal as well and can relate to your experience. Thank you so much for trying this game out and writing out your experience!