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In this solo ttrpg game you play as a young Fae who has come of age and have finally been granted permission to explore the Human World on your own! You have been there a few times, but always with a guardian. This will be your first magical adventure on your own and you are excited to go adventuring!

What you will need:

  • 1d4 and 1d6, or a rolling app (if you want a longer game, substitute d6 for a d8 or d10)
  • A deck of playing cards (Jokers removed) OR the minor arcana of a tarot deck, Pages removed
  • A way to record your adventure (ether a journal, a piece of paper, or electronic app
  • 30 minutes more or less depending on how descriptive you are

In many games, humans go adventuring into the fantastical. In others, fantastical beings go on wondrous adventures. The vision for this game is to reverse the usual adventure styles by playing to discover the magical in the mundane.

This game was written for the #FaeJam2021

Tarot Cards used in the image are from the “Tarot of Pagan Cats Mini Deck” by Lo Scarabeo

Olivia Hill Rule: Fascists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, or other forms of bigots are not allowed to play or use this game in any way. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This is a fun, quick game that I'll cheerfully play again to tell short stories covering the whole range of available prompts. 

Thank you so much for playing the game and for leaving a kind review! I hope you have a wonderful time in your various experiences and adventures.

A Fairy’s Day Adventure into the Human World is a solo TTRPG where you play as a young fae exploring the human world for the first time, and it uses playing cards!

Thank you for this game! I had fun playing it :)

Thank you for playing and for your post! It makes me happy to know that someone enjoyed this ^_^