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You have found a paper that will send a letter through time! But it will only take a letter one time to the past. You decide to write yourself a letter and deliver it to your younger self in hopes that you will be able to share the wisdom that you have gained throughout your life.


This letter writing ttrpg uses prompts and tarot cards to generate a story about a person who is looking back on their life and recounting their innermost thoughts. For the game, you can play either as yourself, as a previously created RPG character, or an in-game created character using an optional roll. To play all you need are:

  • Pen, paper (or electronic medium) to record your thoughts
  • A tarot deck (or an online generator, or playing cards with jokers removed)

For those of us who have ever had regrets, learned a lesson a little later in life, gained certain knowledge as life went on, sometimes we have moments of wishing we could go back in time to let our younger selves know about the lessons needed in order to grow. For some of us, especially in the LGBTQIA2 community, sometimes we wish we could go back in time and give our younger selves a hug and let us know that we will be okay. This game uses that human experience as a reflective and empowering tool within game play. 

There are two files available. The first file is the full parchment version. The second file, is a  condensed one-page, plain text version in case you would like to print it. 

This game is inspired by the anime “Death Note” and the movie “Back to the Future.”

Written for the LetterLARP RPG Jam

Olivia Hill Rule: Fascists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, or other forms of bigots are not allowed to play or use this game in any way. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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A Note in Time is a solo ttrpg that lets you explore a character's history in a way where the character can self reflect and consider what they might want to hear as a child. It was such a fun and humbling experience to see what my characters might think a younger version of themselves needs to hear, knowing there can be no response or further correspondence. It hurts but it's cathartic to have them speak to themselves, and it was a great way to explore that level of characterization that's not always present when you're in a group ttrpg! Definitely recommend as a fun way to do some solo character exploration.


Thank you so much for trying this out and for leaving such a sweet and thorough review. I am so happy to hear that you had such a meaningful experience with your characters. I hope the play through with this game provided you with deeper RP in your regular sessions.