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Occulteas is a game originally written and designed by Marley D. Please support the original by visiting, downloading, and playing the original game at https://marleysdead.itch.io/occulteas

This game supplement has been published with permission from the creator of Occulteas


In this supplemental expansion to Occulteas, you and your friends are playing as a group of friend witches who are helping each other while also taking care of oneself through self care. The mechanics are beginner friendly and engaging for experienced players. 

Together, you will weave a story of friendship and mutual aid. This is a GM-less, narrative driven game with dice as a randomizer for how your character engages with their magic, there are no failed rolls, just an experience. 

The goal and vision of the game was to provide an entry to new gamers into RP with some guides. Most importantly, the idea was to provide a fun way of exploring mutual aid as a way of community building while also respecting boundaries and the importance of self-care. 

This supplement is best enjoyed alongside the original. The game is free in the spirit of the creator of Occulteas. Please pay it forward by being kind to yourself through self-care. Please consider letting us know how your experience went when playing. 

Two version available: a colorized and a black and white version


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TagsCozy, GM-Less, One-shot, pocmade, rules-lite, self-care, tea, Tabletop role-playing game, witch


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