24-word game about creating spells
mini-zine meditation prompts
Play as infrastructure, help humans, save the Earth
A zine greeting card for a friend
Zine of 6 micro self-care games
A tree ventures to find decorations
Reminiscing over gender identity
Play as a cute creature and saving the day! A Hack of What's So Cool About Being in Outer Space?
Play as a mystery solving group who also likes to eat snacks. Hack of Lasers and Feelings
Be witches, help your friends, and self-care
A cozy Halloween themed cooperative narrative ttrpg
A Carta, trick-or-treat solo adventure. Collect candy and fight monsters
Halloween monsters sneak into Candy Con to steal Halloween candy
5 minute solo, monster hunting journaling game
Letter writing game to heal from grief using the Second Guess System
A solo letter writing ttrpg about reflection using tarot cards
a solo ttrpg tarot based game about dialoguing with your heart’s desire
Write a letter as an RPG character using dice rolls
short game about a Fae working to grant wishes
a young fae’s adventure in the human world
a wacky tarot based game telling the events of a chupacabras who causes havoc on a town.